Macintosh Apples

Macintosh Apples

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Red/green apple with a sweet/tart flavor. Crisp, juicy flesh. Excellent for baking and sauce! Has a soft and smooth consistency when baked. Its stand alone flavor also makes it an integral ingredient for a cider or juice recipe.

IPM Certified Eco Apples.

**For your reference - Here is an approximation (actual numbers may vary) of how many apples are in each size basket. This is largely dependent on the size of the apple (Gala are a smaller apple vs. Jonagold a large apple)**

Quart: 3-4 apples

1/4 Peck: 5-7 apples

1/2 Peck: 10-14 apples

Peck: 18-24 apples

1/2 Bushel: 35-45 apples

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