We grow several varieties of plums. Plums generally come into season around the end of July and are in season until early September. All of our plums are grown using safe IPM methods ensuring a safe treat for you and your family.

Season: End of July-early September

Santa Roa Plums.jpg

Santa Rosa Plums

These delicious yellow-fleshed red-skinned plums originated from Santa Rosa, California in 1906. These plums are sweet and juicy and a favorite for eating fresh.

Shiro plums.jpg

Shiro Plums

These bright yellow plums are sweet, juicy, and mellow. Perfect for snacking and eating fresh.  Remember to be very gentle with them as their light skin reveals (harmless as it may be) even the slightest of bruises!

Sugar plums.jpg

Sugar Plums

The first plums of the season, these sweet, juicy, plums are red fleshed and red skinned. The perfect juicy treat for kids. 

Red plums.jpg

Red Plums

These red skinned and red fleshed plums are sweet and have a firm flesh.  Seems to be a favorite plum for women!

Prune plums.jpg

Prune Plums

These blue skinned and yellow fleshed plums have a sweet firm flesh. They are a favorite for eating fresh, cooking, baking, canning, jams, and jellies.  Think Plum Pie. Yum.