Return Policy:

While we hope that this is not ever necessary, items ordered from K. Schlegel Fruit Farm’s Online Store may be eligible for return, refund, credit, or exchange, but are subject to a 10%  reprocessing fee in most cases.. This means we will refund your entire order minus 10%. In most cases, items can be exchanged for products of equal value to avoid a reprocessing fee, or a credit can be applied to your account. Products should be inspected upon receipt. While we strive to deliver a top quality product in all cases, if any of your products appear unsatisfactory, you must notify us before leaving the pick-up location to receive a return, refund, credit, or exchange.  If a problem arises after leaving the pick-up location you must notify us within 24 hours for the item to be considered for return, refund, credit or exchange, all at our full discretion. Please look over your order before leaving the pick-up! For more information, see specific situations outlined below:

Damage or mispacked order due to our fault: While we strive to handle all items with the utmost care from harvest to point of sale, if damage is due to K. Schlegel Fruit Farm’s mishandling of the product up to the point sale, or in the case of a “mispacked” order, we will refund the entire amount of the order, or make amends otherwise by issuing a credit,  or fulfilling the order.

Damage Due to Customer’s fault: K. Schlegel Fruit Farm is not responsible and can not refund or complete a return or exchange for damage due to neglect of the purchaser. We handle your products with the utmost care while in our possession and we hope that you continue to do so after purchase to avoid mishaps, spoilage etc.. Fresh Fruit is VERY delicate and must be handled gently at all times to preserve its quality! Also keep in mind that if not kept cool fresh fruit will continue to ripen and eventually spoil!

Changed Mind: If in the case you no longer want the product, we do accept returns and will accept the product back as long as long as you have not left the pick-up location and it is still in original condition.  Returns due to changed mind are subject to 10% reprocessing fee. Total amount minus 10% will be refunded.

Mistaken Order:  If an order is accidently placed by the customer, and realized before fulfillment, or can no longer be picked up, we will gladly refund the entire amount minus a 10% reprocessing fee.  In the case of a mistaken order we can also apply a credit to your account for future purchases and avoid the reprocessing fee.

In the case of a missed pick-up: Because we work through local pick-ups, if a no show happens we can refund the total minus a 10% reprocessing fee.  Or, to avoid the 10% credit card reprocessing fee we can either hold your order until the next available pick-up, or place a credit on your account to go towards a future purchase.

Our goal is to make your Online Ordering experience as easy, pleasant, and streamlined as possible! We appreciate our customers and strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect.