Sweet Red Haven peaches.

Sweet Red Haven peaches.


Our sweet and juicy peaches are in season from mid July-September.  Our early peaches come into season early July and are great for eating.   Freestone peaches are in season from August-September and are great for eating, canning, freezing, and dehydrating.

We grow both white and yellow donut peaches.

Our peaches are grown using our safe IPM methods ensuring a safe treat for you and your family.

Season: July-early September

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Yellow Peaches

We grow over 11 varieties of yellow peaches.

The season begins in Mid-July with Desiree and Century peaches, these two varieties are excellent eating peaches.

In late July the freestone peaches start to ripen. Freestone varieties are excellent for eating fresh, canning, freezing, baking, jams, jellies, and pies because the flesh easily pulls away from the pit. Red Haven are the first freestone variety to come into season followed by John Boy, Sun Hi, Coral Star, Contender, Gloria*, Red Skin, Flaming Fury, Autumn Glo, and Laurel. Freestone varieties are in season from late July - early September.

*Gloria peaches are low acid peaches, due to this fact they are a firm very sweet peach.  If used for canning ascorbic acid or lemon juice must be added to the jars.*



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White Peaches

We grow four different varieties of white peaches. These sugary sweet peaches are great for eating fresh.

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Donut Peaches

We grow both white and yellow donut peaches. These uniquely shaped, disk like peaches are extremely sweet and juicy, you cannot stop at just one. They ripen in early August.